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Greetings Dear Emma,

Recently, I attended the "Journey of the Heart" Conference in Palm Springs offered by Umbrella Ministries. This is their 8th annual event and the 5th that I have attended. Always, it's a blessing and I go home refreshed and uplifted.
On Sunday morning each Mother was given your gift of the beautiful pearl earrings. Thank you so much for your generosity. Daisy Catchings explained how she had contacted your company about purchasing a set for each Mother, and how you offered them as a gift to us. What a thoughtful and caring gesture on your part.
My daughter Peggy Ann died in 1984 when she was only 24 years of age. She LOVED pearls and wore them a lot, although she never owned any 'real' pearl earrings. When her Father and I married I had a simple pearl choker (remember those?) that I wore at our wedding. When our oldest daughter Vickie married, I had that choker necklace made into two separate strands for my other two girls to wear in her wedding. Peggy had one and Donna had the other. When Peggy was killed I decided not to let her wear the necklace as she would not need it in Heaven anyway, and I gave hers to Vickie. A few times over the years, I have wished I had of let her wear it. Then, God quickly reminds me that Peggy has more jewels in Heaven than she can ever possibly wear!
Peggy was our Pearl.........and we always called her that as she was our youngest daughter. When I received your gift of pearls, I was so touched that someone who doesn't even know me, never knew my beautiful daughter would give me such a beautiful gift of compassion, and never even think of getting a thank you card! In today's 'all about me' world, it's unheard of. Someone once said 'Coincidences are little taps on the shoulder from God.' I believe it's true that there are 'no coincidences!' When I saw those beautiful pearl eardrops, it was as if Peggy's brown eyes sparkled again to remind me.........."I Love You, Mom."
I am not familiar with your jewelry line and must admit I have never heard of BellaGemma Jewels before the Retreat. However, I do know that the Owner of the Company is a Jewel, and a very Rare one in the business world of today. My prayer is that you and your company will be blessed with Prosperity beyond your wildest imaginings. You have truly blessed me and I will treasure these pearls forever. It was just a lovely reminder on that Sunday morning that Peggy, my own Pearl, is forever with me in my heart.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Joyce Floyd
Umbrella Ministries Ministry Representative
Lake Havasu City, AZ
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