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      Bella Gemma™ is Italian for “beautiful gem”. The Bella GemmaExperience is about wearing jewelry which makes you feel beautiful, inspired, joyful and so full of life! Our one of a kind jewelry designs incorporate timeless art techniques to create jewelry that truly makes the wearer feel luxurious! Our highly satisfied clients are women who love to try new things, accessorize, socialize, and truly get noticed for wearing our conversational pieces of jewelry.
      We take great pride in offering you innovative jewelry which are versatile, convertible, interchangeable and could be used in many ways. Every piece of jewelry is hand crafted and not mass produced. Our Gemstones and Pearls Guide will assist you in learning more about gemstones, their meaning and their innate positive and inspirational energies! We want you to be a part of the creation of your personalized and unique jewelry and benefit from the positive energies that are inherent in the stones!
We are also proud to bring you the “Crown Jewel of the Amazon”, the Acai berry through a scientifically blended functional and elegant beverage called MonaVie™ . Through MonaVie™, Bella Gemma ™, Inc. is able to inspire others to be more healthy and partake of this abundant universe. It also allows us to contribute to the M.O.R.E. Project—MonaVie Operation Rescue which provides food shelter and clothing to the needy children of Brazil, often orphaned in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. The Acai berry bracelets that we offer via this website is handmade by families in the Para region in Brazil, and sales from these bracelets are used to buy books, everyday meals school supplies so children can get free education in the MonaVie school.
      Ms. Emma Tiebens, Founder / President of Bella Gemma™, Inc. has a business degree from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines and studied Financial Planning at the University of California in Irvine, CA. She possesses an Accredited Jewelry Professional degree (AJP) from the world renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA). As a young girl, her passion for jewelry was greatly influenced by her mother’s affinity to fine jewelry.
      Prior to founding Bella Gemma, Inc. she worked in Film and Television, then became a successful Banker before she became an International Flight Attendant. Visiting museums, boutiques and flea markets all over the world, re-awakened her passion for designing jewelry. In 2004, she realized that there was a need to design unique pieces that are versatile, great for layering and are complementary to one’s wardrobe and it was then that Bella Gemma was born…….
      “It is one of my greatest intentions for women to feel absolutely beautiful, inspired and energized when they wear their Bella Gemma Jewelry. I believe that we are all connected to each other and to these incredibly wonderful stones that have been around longer than us, and have witnessed the never ending unfolding of wonderfully positive energies! We have so much to learn from them!
      I believe that for us to truly feel that wonderful energy from the inside out, we need to take care of the vessel that houses our spirits...our bodies. MonaVie™ allows us to live our lives to our fullest potentials! The Acai berry truly is the “fruit that packs a punch”. They are the perfect jewels for your body!
      I desire to live my life in constant gratitude, humility and awe in all things! I wish to impart the same energies with you through the special pieces I design and create. This God-given creativity and my passion to see others succeed are gifts I am truly grateful. To use those gifts in building relationships which inspire and motivate people - so that they too could do the same for others - is my way of giving back to this Universe which gives me so much!”
Emma Tiebens
Founder / President
Bella Gemma™ , Inc..
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